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About GDG Düsseldorf

Google Developer Group (GDG) Duesseldorf is a free-form community of people, primarily developers, interested in Google's developer technology and Google´s philosophy: everything from the Android, Chrome, Drive, Analytics, Google Cloud platforms to APIs, Google glass, Google driveless car and much more.

The Meetups of GDG Duesseldorf take many forms — from a bunch of geeks chatting on some hot issues, to large gatherings with demos and tech talks, to even larger events like hackathons. However, at the core, our events are focused on developers and technical content.

Latest news

DevFest 2016

The GDG Düsseldorf DevFest 2016 is coming up! 2014 we held a very popular “DevFest”, 2015 we took a break - and now it is 2016 and we are back again! Mark the dates! #GDGDus will host Devfest2016, a developer conference, the weekend of October 22... continue reading

GDG April: Android Abend

To all the green robots out there On the 28th of April our next meeting will take place - please save the date! (Google+ Event) Hello GDG’ers, +Frederik Schweiger, our organizer of the month, has good news! We are proud to announce our next me... continue reading